Diagnosing IMU Bluetooth Connection Issues

Please use this guide if you are having issues with pairing your IMeasureU sensors to your PC via Bluetooth.

The Basics, we’re all guilty of sometimes missing something obvious, so quickly double check these points before moving on to the more advanced solutions:

  • Is your supplied Bluetooth dongle plugged in and your IMU turned on?
  • Are you using the supplied Bluetooth dongle?
  • Are there other Bluetooth transmitters in your computer? (inbuilt Bluetooth, mouse dongle, headset dongle)
  • Are your sensors charged?
  • Are the sensor memories full?
  • Are your sensors in range?
  • Do your sensors have a direct line of site to your dongle? (we usually suggest having the sensors out on your desk for pairing)
  • IT’s favourite solution: have you tried turning it off and on again?

Next Step,

Ensure all of the following are up to date:

  • Bluetooth dongle drivers
  • Windows – Have you installed the latest windows update? (Click on Windows Start Menu and search Windows Update Settings – Check for updates)
  • Will they connect to another device? Try connecting IMeasureU to another PC or IOS device via the app

Do you need help with connecting your IMU sensors in Nexus? Check out our troubleshooting guide here.

If you require more help with your IMU Bluetooth connection get in contact with us at support@logemas.com

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