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Great customer service!

Linh ChenAustralian Catholic University

Outstanding service - fast and responsive. Thank you”

David AcklandUniversity of Melbourne

Teaching Athletics engaged Logemas to record the performance of an Olympic decathlete performing various track and field events. The recording sessions were undertaken using a high-end Vicon system. The experienced, mocap team at Logemas went above and beyond to ensure everything ran smoothly and data was captured with the highest level of accuracy. We are extremely impressed with the outcome and look forward to collaborating with Logemas again in the future.

Leon McBrideCo-Founder Teaching Athletics

When you need things done promptly and professionally. Logemas has always gone above and beyond every time.

Rhett StephensVictoria University

What a great company to deal with. Everybody has such a great depth of knowledge on all aspects of their technology and are very happy to share (just ask). If you need to cut to the chase call Logemas.

Sue TreacySouthern Cross University

Went above and beyond for me. They were able to help me with an difficult order and promptly posted it. Have also provided continued support and advice. Great service to say the least and would recommend them.

Fraser Francis-PesterUniversity of Melbourne

I can't thank you ALL enough for the opportunity to use this incredible technology. It has truly added so much to the project and has generated a lot of interest in our field.

Annabel Sorby-AdamsThe University of Adelaide

The Logemas team has been absolutely incredible from the first day I contacted them. In the process of setting up my biomechanics lab (on a budget), I needed technical advice on specific pieces of equipment (in particular high-speed cameras, EMGs and strain gauge amplifiers). Max and Chris attended hours of one to one and over the phone meetings to meet my needs. They set up the equipment at my new lab at Monash University and organised follow up training sessions. They have always been willing to assist with technical enquires and find solutions on hardware that I purchased elsewhere. I highly recommend their service and products.

Olga PanagiotopoulouMonash University

All interaction with Logemas employees has been exceptional. They go above and beyond in all aspects of their business, particularly in their technical support. They have a range of expertise that covers every aspect of working in the life sciences.

Kane MiddletonLa Trobe University

Very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable team at Logemas. have had various technical issues that require help and have always received prompt and efficient help. The team also follows up on queries and technical questions which provides an amazing service to the consumer/end user

Rhys SpanglerDeakin University

A great company to work with. Always very helpful in finding solutions to all types of problems. Very supportive of all of our research.

Graham KerrQueensland University of Technology

Great company to deal with. Always prompt response, great service!!!

Emanuele RomanoUniversity of Auckland

As a user of mocap equipment in the entertainment and educational space, and dealing with Logemas on a regular basis over the last several years, I can confidently say that I have always been extremely happy with their support and with the day-to-day dealings that I have had with them. They have promptly solved any problems or questions I've every had with software or hardware, and they do so in a very friendly and generous manner. They are a pleasure to deal with!

Lou HarveyGriffith University

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Logemas with the integration of motion capture technology in our games production. The service provided through first interaction, purchase, training, ongoing technical support and advice has been excellent and greatly appreciated. Thank you Logemas.

Dara UngBigant Studios

His response was prompt and nice.

Yoshi OkuboNeuRA (Neuroscience Research Australia)

Great customer service and quick delivery

Meg LettonUniversity of New South Wales

Do what they say they are going to do show good understanding of their product and how it can be interfaced with other systems.

Andrew HowarthDeakin University

Quick response to an enquiry, always appreciated!

Anna MurphyMonash Health

Best in the business.

Kane MiddletonLa Trobe University

Excellent customer care!

Sara FarshidfarMacquarie University

Quick action to ensure purchase could be made in the financial year.

Glen LichtwarkUniversity of Queensland

I've ordered two units of Vicon Trident Sensors from Logemas. The service staff are very helpful and speaking to them helped me to get exactly what I was looking for. I'm very happy with the products and the customer service provided.

Toh Yen PangRMIT

Really great service, training session and ongoing support.

Kadie O'ByrneDeakin University

Excellent to deal with - very responsive to help support what we're after, both in terms of products and on-going support.

Simon PearsonQueensland Academy of Sport

Very impressed with the service provided by Logemas. Excellent communication and very accommodating when I needed to change some details with the order. Keep up the good work guys.

Luke DonnanCharles Sturt University

The guys were great and went out of their way to meet our very tight timeline.

Scott KlupfelQUT - Creative Industries

Logemas comprise a friendly team of experts that are well known in the community for having extensive experience in motion capture and related technology. I recently purchased a set of Vicon Vero cameras for some very specific in vitro laboratory experiments. As well as providing high quality sales support, I had technical support (both hardware and software) to help resolve some challenges with my equipment in the lab setting, which was all provided in a very timely manner after purchase. They speak the language of novice users and biomechanics professionals alike have a reputation for going above and beyond in creating an excellent experience for the customer in a highly professional manner. This is why I will keep going back to Logemas. Thanks very much for your support!

David AcklandUniversity of Melbourne

Want to capture movement at submillimeter accuracy?

Logemas is Australia’s #1 motion capture integrator and life sciences equipment provider across Australia and New Zealand. Our offer is a distinctive combination of the best quality motion capture hardware, software and experience. We supply and integrate completely customised motion capture systems for human movement research, object tracking, visual effects, gaming and augmented reality.

Our areas of expertise include Motion Capture, Movement Analysis, 3D Motion Capture, Gait Analysis, Wireless EMG, Wearable Technology, Sports Biomechanics.

Motion Capture Products

Vicon is a global leader in motion capture cameras, software and motion capture systems for the VFX, gaming and life science industries.

AMTI designs and manufactures the industry standards in force measurement devices and orthopedic implant testing machines.

Cometa has a world-wide reputation for excellence in wireless EMG systems and the first, true wireless underwater EMG system in the world.

Lode brand stands for accuracy, durability and ergonomic design. Their product range includes treadmills, bicycle ergometer, recumbent, arm and supine ergometers and ergometry software. They are the world leaders in Imaging ergometers, MRI ergometers and wheel chair ergometers.

Customers and technology in motion


Motion capture tools for VFX, gaming for production studios and universities.

Life Science

Movement analysis tools for biomechanics research, labs and hospitals.


Robotics, drone and UAV location tracking for advance engineering applications.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality tracking and ergonomic studies for augmented reality labs.

Ready to get moving?

Want to capture a specific movement but not sure where to start? Do you have a limited budget or need to hire a space? If you have a unique application or research project in mind, Logemas has worked with Animals, Humans, Robots, Ships and Flying Vehicles. If moves and you want to capture it we want to help!


Virtual Reality at Monash University

The team at Monash University runs a facility called “CAVE2”. This cool lab experiments with virtual reality using a Vicon Bonita system. Together we’ve set out to combine the MReal augmented reality with the virtual reality of Cave to create A & B.

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Ready to get moving?

Want to capture a specific movement but not sure where to start? Do you have a limited budget or need to hire a space? If you have a unique application or research project in mind, Logemas can work with you to find the perfect solution. Get in touch.