Vicon motion capture

Vicon is the leading developer of motion capture products and services for the Life Science, Entertainment and Engineering industries. Vicon have revolutionized the motion capture industry for 30 years, consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Market-leading resolution
With a resolution of up to 26MP Valkyrie offers unparalleled darity.
Intuitive operation
It offers easier aiming and monitoring than any other Vicon camera, with a 30FPS full video preview mode to further streamline your work.
A camera for any environment
With Valkyrie, you can capture any movement in any environment, safe in the knowledge that your camera is IP65-rated.
A precision-engineered lens
We built a whole new varifocal lens to increase Valkyrie’s range and precision.
Bleeding edge speeds
The camera’s native speeds go up to 500FPS, and as high as 2000FPS when windowing techniques are used.


The VK26 is your new source of ground truth in the life sciences, a window on motion that will allow AAA VFX studios to create their most hyperrealistic characters to date.


The VK16 offers the best speed/resolution ratio on the market, perfect for motion capture practitioners who need to capture fast-moving subjects such as athletes or drones while maintaining uncompromising resolution.


The VK8 is a cost-effective entry point to motion capture, providing the best high-quality coverage of your volume for your budget and democratising movement analysis.


With the best resolution, speed, price offering on the market, Vicon Vero is mocap power in a palm-sized package.

Vero combines market-leading resolution and speed at an unrivalled price point. Like its bigger brother, Valkyrie, Vero has on-board sensors that monitor camera position and temperature to ensure optimal performance at all times.

Compatible – Vero is compatible with Vantage Vue. T-series and bonita
Status Lights – keep up-to-date with your System Status
Accelerometer – enables camera selection for simple system set-up and monitors camera position in real time
Thermal Sensors – detects changes in camera temperature that could affect your system status
Connectivity – power and sync with a PoE+

Nexus | Sports

The most powerful all-inclusive modeling and processing tool for movement analysis on the market. Precisely synchronise optical motion capture with inertial sensors, video, and 3rd party force platforms or EMG systems.

Nexus | Clinical

Nexus delivers precise, repeatable data and clinically validated model outputs.


Shōgun adds best in class, low latency tracking for both film and virtual cameras, auto-skeleton, and more features optimized for virtual production. This update complements and supports existing groundbreaking features including Live Subject Calibration, SDI Video Support, and Unbreakable Solving.


Tracker is your engineering motion capture software solution, from robot tracking to human factors engineering, design method optimization to virtual engineering and previsualization to drones, and more.

Ready to get moving?

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