Plan your complete VFX studio with VICON and Faceware.

Logemas provides equipment and training for both small and large-scale VFX and VP projects. Vicon motion capture systems are used on AAA games and blockbuster movies and TV worldwide.

Logemas can provide both full-body and facial motion capture solutions for your project.

Vero combines market-leading resolution and speed at an unrivalled price point

Valkyrie offers unparalleled clarity with a resolution of up to 26MP

Lock Studio is Vicon’s control box for connecting and synchronizing third-party devices with your Vicon system

The entirely reengineered Mark IV is the most robust facial capture system ever. Built from years of on-set practical experience and an intelligent approach to engineering, our system will easily integrate into your capture environment and allow ease of use for your operators and comfort for your performers.

Rugged, Fiberglass Molded Helmet – Maximum comfort, stability and consistency, the Mark IV helmet is best-in-class for performance capture.
Lateral Stabilization – Maintain stability and comfort with “sideburn” stability bars and integrated chin strap mounting points.
Low Profile Camera Mount – Slim camera and rugged low swept bar sits below the actor’s eyeline while capturing and illuminating your talent.
Easy Adjustment Thumb Screws – Make fast, easy adjustments to the fit and framing of the Mark IV with large, comfortable thumb screws.

Leading universities are collaborating with Logemas

Trusted by leading universities and research labs in AU and NZ.

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