Motion capture for biomechanics, sports and research.

Plan your dream biomechanical research facility with VICON, AMTI, Myon and RSscan and equipment

Logemas provides equipment and training for clinical, sport, animal and human movement research and outdoor capture.

Logemas provides technology for a variety of applications, from assessing clinical patients to capturing accurate research data. We can create a complete package, or seamlessly integrate new products with your current equipment.

Logemas – specialists in motion capture for the biomechanics, sport and research industries


Sports Performance

Animal Science

Vicon Nexus Software

Vicon Nexus is your all-inclusive modelling and processing tool for movement analysis

Make your data count using the gold standard software for biomechanics research and analysis.

  • Monitor and visualise data in real time.

  • Create custom templates for marker placement.

  • Simple data management and reporting.

  • Seamless video integration for up to four sychronized and calibrated (HD Vue, Bonita, Basler) video cameras.

  • IMeasureU integrated.

  • Accepts digital signals for 3rd party devices.

  • Native integration with MATLAB in Nexus 2.


Request an in-house or onsite demo.

Logemas can provide in house or on site demonstrations for:
motion capture, force platforms, EMG and plantar pressure measurement systems.

Case Studies: LIFE SCIENCE

Queensland Academy of Sport – athlete’s gait

Queensland Academy of Sport looking at a triple jumper athlete's gait.

ARCAA indoor flying laboratory

ARCAA | Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation track a drone in their indoor flying laboratory

Ford Visualisation Lab

Ford Visualisation Lab use Vicon to track hand held devices and a HMD for visualising vehicles in Virtual Reality.

Motion Capture Products

Vicon is a global leader in motion capture cameras, software and motion capture systems for the VFX, gaming and life science industries.

AMTI designs and manufactures the industry standards in force measurement devices and orthopedic implant testing machines.

Myon offers wireless, small, lightweight EMG and IMU sensors which can quickly and easily be applied and used for medical, research and animation applications.

RSscan is the standard in plantar pressure measurement and gait analysis and developer of footscan® products and software.

Leading universities are collaborating with Logemas

Trusted by leading universities and research labs in AU and NZ.

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Ready to get moving?

Want to capture a specific movement but not sure where to start? Do you have a limited budget or need to hire a space? If you have a unique application or research project in mind, Logemas can work with you to find the perfect solution. Get in touch.