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Excalibur Sport

The Gold Standard in Ergometry: with proven accuracy and reliability, the Excalibur sport is renowned worldwide as “the gold standard in ergometry”. The newly designed and improved Excalibur sport ergometer meets the latest requirements of modern sports medicine and research. Since athletes are becoming more and more powerful and testing more advanced than ever, this ergometer has been developed for extreme workloads up to 2500 watt!

Excalibur Sport at a glance

Corival ergometer

The Corival is one of the most popular ergometers worldwide. The CPET version is standard supplied with a communication module and can therefore be easily controlled by all known stress ECG and pulmonary devices in the world. The workload, rpm and time can be seen from the 3.5″ colour display. The ultralow step-through enables easy access to the ergometer for clinical populations.

Corival Ergometer at a glance

Katana sport – Unique Slat Technology

The Katana sport is a modern and reliable treadmill that can be connected to external ECG-and pulmonary devices as well as to a Lode software network (LEM or LCRM). The Katana sport offers smooth acceleration and is continuously adjustable in a range of 0.5–30 km/h. The treadmill features special Lode Slat Technology with 106 soft grip covered slats that allows for high speed and a natural walking and running experience. Its unique bearing technology delivers high speeds at low noise levels while needing low maintenance.

Katana sport at a glance

Valiant 2 Treadmill

Modern designed treadmill specifically designed for sports medical applications (CPET and Rehab versions also available). This treadmill can be connected to external ECG and pulmonary devices as well as to a Lode software network. The Valiant 2 sport offers smooth acceleration and is continuously adjustable up to 25 km/h. Thanks to the unique low design of the cover plate it is possible to place a mirror or camera in front of the treadmill for gait analysis.

Valiant 2 Treadmill at a glance

Calibrator Ultra

With the Calibrator Ultra, it is possible to control or calibrate all existing ergometers accurately. The Lode Calibrator is mounted on the axis of the ergometer, and the technician can measure the reported and actual power output of the ergometer. If there is a discrepancy between the outputs, the calibration settings can be adjusted to make sure the ergometer is accurate.

*Please note that calibration is a charged service. The equipment is heavy and does require freight to locations outside SE QLD. If you would like us to look at your ergometer, please complete this form: Click here or contact us at

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