Blue Trident Data Capture Modes (iOS App)

This article is provided to quickly give you an overview of the three different capture methods available on the Capture.U iOS app. Please take into account your data capture requirements when choosing your capture method!

Considerations for your data capture:

  • Actual sample rates may be slightly different from the advertised data sample rates. If highly precise sample rates are required, for example for sensor fusion or across a long capture, please consider calculating the actual sample rate from the timestamps in the data from your unique sensors.
  • The reference video is not specifically synchronised to your data. This is due to a limitation in controls the iOS allows for device cameras. If you require a sync, please talk to us about how you can use the sensors and videos to create sync events which can be used to align your data in post-processing.

Capture to Sensor


  • Highest possible capture rates (1600 Hz for high-g, 1125 Hz for low-g and gyroscope, 100 Hz for magnetometer)
  • Sensors only have to be in range for start/stop capture, including swimming
  • No chance of data loss during transmission
  • Best battery life (not transmitting data)
  • Capture to 20+ sensors


  • Requires connection to PC to download full dataset
  • Large data files

Capture to Device


  • Instant post-trial access to data on device
  • High capture rate (800 Hz for high-g only or low-g only, 500 Hz for low-g and gyroscope, 250 Hz for low-g, gyro and magnetometer)
  • Up to 14 sensors


  • Sensors must remain in range for duration of capture
  • Have to choose between high-g and low-g/gyro/magn

Capture Real-Time Insight


  • Instant view of data from either one or two sensors
  • Reference video overlay
  • Can set a threshold/benchmark value for biofeedback
  • Output a PDF report with simple statistics and graph
  • High capture rate (800 Hz for high-g, 562 Hz for low-g and gyroscope)


  • Sensors must remain in range for duration of capture
  • Limited simultaneous data collection – choose between high-g, low-g or gyroscope
  • Maximum two sensors simultaneous capture per iOS device

Table taken from the Vicon Capture.U Factsheet (direct link)

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