Motion capture for virtual reality tracking & ergonomic studies.

Logemas – your industry partner for virtual reality tracking and ergonomic studies

Logemas is Australia and New Zealand’s leading provider of Vicon systems. Logemas offers seamless integration of Vicon products into the production of animation and games. We bring realistic production experience for large and small motion capture systems into your company or university classroom.

We’ve worked with companies like Animal Logic, and SEGA Australia to deliver real-time and realistic video games and television ready motion capture. So whether you are creating the next blockbuster movie or a first-person shooter Logemas can help.


Cutting-edge hardware and software designed for the immersive engineering industry


Mixed Reality


Have an animation project in mind?

For film making, media or game production, we work with you to give you a system that meets your needs and budget. 



Motion Capture Products

Vicon is a global leader in motion capture cameras, software and motion capture systems for the VFX, gaming and life science industries.

AMTI designs and manufactures the industry standards in force measurement devices and orthopedic implant testing machines.

Myon offers wireless, small, lightweight EMG and IMU sensors which can quickly and easily be applied and used for medical, research and animation applications.

RSscan is the standard in plantar pressure measurement and gait analysis and developer of footscan® products and software.

Leading universities are collaborating with Logemas

Trusted by leading universities and research labs in AU and NZ.

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Ready to get moving?

Want to capture a specific movement but not sure where to start? Do you have a limited budget or need to hire a space? If you have a unique application or research project in mind, Logemas can work with you to find the perfect solution. Get in touch.