Plan your complete VR system with Logemas and VICON

Virtual reality tracking systems have traditionally been complicated, expensive and require a certain level of knowledge and expertise to buy and get set up. Origin by Vicon is a system that’s designed from the outset to be easy to understand and to buy. We know that developers don’t want or need to become experts in VR technology – we do that for you – so you can step into VR with ease and start bringing your content to life.
The Evoke software is the bridge between Vicon’s cameras and our customers’ VR experiences, making highly-autonomous end-to-end motion capture solutions for virtual reality.

Leading organisations use Vicon VR systems

Ready to get moving?

Want to capture a specific movement but not sure where to start? Do you have a limited budget or need to hire a space? If you have a unique application or research project in mind, Logemas can work with you to find the perfect solution. Get in touch.