How to load large data files in Vicon Nexus

When working with large data files in Vicon Nexus there are a coupe of options that can make processing trials simpler. Choosing which frames of the trial are loaded is one option, another option is choosing whether to load both or only one of the .x2d (camera data) and .x1d files (analog data. the camera data (.x2d) and/or the analogue data.

In the ProEclipse/Data Management window select the show trial loading options (top right toolbar). You can from here you can input the required frame range and select (or un-select) either the camera data (.x2d) or raw analog data (x1d). You can now continue processing as per normal!

A few points to note:

  • We recommend saving files processed in this way with a separate name.
  • Make sure to change it back when you want to load full files again.

Curious about the different kind of gap filling options in Vicon Nexus? We have a guide for that!

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