How do I attach the sensors?

When attaching the IMU inertial sensors to subjects there are two main things to consider: attachment method and physical placement of the sensor.

Attaching the sensors to participants

Sensor straps for attaching sensors to the upper and lower limbs are provided with the purchase of the IMUs. These can be used to securely attach the sensors to the limbs. Alternatively, sensors can be strapped to the body using strapping tape or cohesive bandages. This can be useful when measuring movement across very small or large limbs, head, trunk or other areas that the sensor straps are unable to be used.

IMU sensors attached to the ankles via the supplied straps

Placement of the sensors

Best practise for sensor placement is called the “man-up” position. Have the black half of the sensor closest to the body with orange facing out and the IMU man “standing up” with the on/off switch pointing down.

The IMU sensor in the “man-up” position; notice how the “i” forms the head?


Using the same sensor orientation system for each sensor every time it makes analysis of the data somewhat more straight forward. It will reduce the confusion between orientations across limbs, trials and subjects.

Is this your first time connecting the IMU sensors to Vicon Nexus? Have a look at our helpful guide to get started!

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