Export IMU data from Vicon Nexus

Exporting IMeasureU data from Vicon Nexus is quite simple and similar to how you would normally export Vicon Nexus data. Ensure that you have transferred the data from the IMU sensors before exporting the data so that you have the full data set to export.

Follow these simple steps to export your IMU data:

  1. With the required trial open go to pipeline button in tools pane.
  2. Under the current pipeline, select the pipeline you wish to use or create a new pipeline.
  3. Add the “Export ASCII” option to the pipeline by dropping and dragging it from the available operations to the current pipeline.
  4. Select the “Ëxport ASCII” to show the properties.
  5. In the Devices section ensure that “All” is selected for Devices for Export.
  6. You can now run the pipeline or pipeline operation as desired.
  7. Once the pipeline is run you can open the exported file.

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