Collecting IMU data with Vicon Nexus

Data collection using the IMeasureU sensors in Nexus is a simple process and is simultaneous with optical cameras and devices already in the system. It is the same process that you would normally use to capture data with Vicon Nexus.

These are the steps you should follow when capturing IMU data

  1. First check that proeclipse database is in an active session (the “Start” button in capture pane will be greyed out if you’re not!)
  2. In capture pane add name, description and notes as appropriate
  3. Press “start” to start a recording
  4. Press “stop” to end the recording
  5. This recording will be added to the active session folder.

Nexus allows you to preview the data before transferring the data from the sensors. Just open the recording that you wish to review from the proeclipse database to view the preview data. This preview is shown at a 50Hz recording rate and will have gaps. These gaps can be filled in by transferring the data from the IMU on board storage.

Want to know how to transfer the complete data from your IMU into Nexus? Follow our guide here.

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