Why won’t my POE connect?

Here is a helpful list of things to check if your POE will not connect.


The first port of call is to identify if anything is receiving power.

  • Is the POE powered on?
  • If the POE is powered on, are your cameras receiving power? Check the camera status lights.

If none of cameras are not powering on it would indicate that there may be an issue with your POE. Note: If one or two cameras do not power on or power on intermittently it could indicate a connection issue to that camera/s


Check that all cameras and other devices that connect to the POE are connected properly

  • Are the cables all connected to the correct devices?
  • Are the cable connections fully engaged in the ports?
  • Are your cables intact?
  • Does swapping out the CAT5E cables solve the issue?

Network Configuration

Some further checks that may help

  • Is the firewall on? Try turning off the firewall.
  • Is the computer recognising the POE as a network location? Open the Windows Network and Sharing Centre and lick on “Change Adaptor Settings” this will open a new window with all of your network connections. Your POE should be visible here.
  • Is the IP address set for the network connection? See our article on POE Network Settings for Vicon for detailed instructions on network setting and IP address.

If you are still having trouble be sure to get in contact with us on our dedicated support email: support@logemas.com

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