SafeNet Sentinel Dongle Driver Error: “No Software Key Available”

We recently heard from one of our customers, Professor Peter Hamer, after he experienced this issue. He had the following advice:

“…the advice to AMTI and others with Windows 10 installations is to make sure that the Parallel Port Drivers are installed regardless whether the computer/laptop has a parallel port. BioAnalysis will then work. It appears that the 7.5.8 installer installs the same USB driver (7.6) visible via device manager but also reports in the Sentinel setup application the other drivers.”¬†

Professor Peter Hamer, The University of Notre Dame Australia

Thank you for letting us know about your solution, Professor Hamer!

If you are having similar issues you can try the following:

  1. Try the dongle in a different USB port
  2. Check that the dongle is being recognised in your device manager
  3. Check driver software version is the latest in your device manager
  4. Reinstall the software driver and ensure that both USB and parallel port drivers are being installed

For customers on Windows 10 and still experiencing difficulty, please contact us for a copy of Sentinel System Driver Installer 7.5.8

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  • Ted Janes says:

    Safenet Safeway dongle was issued for operating Starplus Starnet on Win 98 and XP. After changing to Win 10 and installing Safenet v. 7.4.0 I receive the following message “USB device not recognised”

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