Reference video hardware compatible with Vicon Nexus 2

There are several hardware options that can be used to record reference video with Nexus 2. These options are as follows:

Vue Camera 

The Vue is the most recent video reference hardware from Vicon with Seamless integration via POE. Note: this requires Intel i340 T4 or i350 T4 network card.

Bonita Video

The Bonita is the previous generation of reference video hardware. It is no longer available for purchase but if you already have one as part of your system it will work with Nexus 2 with integration via your POE or Giganet.

DV Camcorder

Camcorders are supported as long as they are automatically detected within Windows. It is recommended that a four port firewire card is used instead of the on-board firewire card.

Basler Camera

Intergration uses downloadable Pylon driver (A601fc and m, A602fc and m, pia 1000-60gc, pia 640c and m) visit for the lastest download from Vicon.

Need help with driver installation for your Vicon cameras? Check out our useful guide here.

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