My wireless EMG sensors keep disconnecting

If you notice that your sensors are losing connection to the receiver during use there are a few possible reasons. Use this checklist to help identify and solve your issue:

Are the sensors charged?

Sensors that are reaching the end of their charge will start disconnecting.

Are the antennae attached to the receiver unit?

Ensure that all 3 of the antennae are attached to the receiver unit. Without them the sensors will lose a significant amount of range and appear to lose signal even at close range.

Is there a clear line of sight between the receiver unit and the sensors?

The Myon Aktos uses WiFi to transmit and receive signals. WiFi requires a clear line of sight for the best quality signal.

Are your sensors in range?

As the sensors leave the WiFi range they will begin dropping connection. Check that your sensors are in range of your receiver unit.

Still having issues with drop out? Get in contact with one of our friendly team.

If you have a signal but it’s noisy, have a look at our guide here.

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