Marker care guide

Markers are an important part of any Vicon motion capture session, you can get the most out of your retro-reflective motion capture markers by following this simple guide.

Handling Markers

When handling your markers ensure not to touch the reflective surface. Touching them will transfer oils from your skin onto the surface of the marker. While individual touches may not cause any obvious damage, the oils accumulate over time reducing theoverall reflectivity of the markers.

Storing Markers

Any markers purchased from Logemas come in their own storage box. This helps ensure the longevity of your markers by ensuring that they are protected from rough surfaces and no weight is applied directly to the markers.

Cleaning Markers

Pearl markers can be cleaned in a mild solution of hand soap and water. Place them in the solution, gently shake them, rinse in clean water and allow to dry. DO NOT RUB THE SURFACE OF THE MARKERS. While it is tempting to scrub the markers clean, any friction on the marker surface may remove the glass beads that produce the reflection, reducing the reflectivity of the marker.

Please note that traditional markers cannot be cleaned in this manner as it can affect the adhesive attaching the reflective surface to the marker.

Replacing Markers

To ensure the best quality capture we recommend replacing any markers that are dirty, misshapen and/or damaged.

Not sure of the best way to attach your markers? Head over to our guide for some more information.

If you require new or replacement markers they can be purchased through our Webshop.

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