How to Access your Vicon Remote Locking Code

Occasionally we may ask you to send through your #Vicon Remote Locking Code, for example to generate a temporary software license for you. This video takes you through the couple of steps to generate your code and then send it to us!

  1. Open Vicon Product Licensing
  2. Click ‘View Remote Locking Code’
  3. Email directly to us at , or
  4. Save to your PC for emailing/transferring to us later (e.g. via webchat)

And that’s it!

We will then send you a license file, which you then activate following these steps.

Note: To have the Vicon Product Licensing program on your computer, you will need to have downloaded and installed either one of the Vicon software packages (#Nexus, #Shogun, #Tracker, etc.) or download the standalone program from the Vicon website.

Note 2: This process is slightly different to generating a license request, the details for that can be found here.

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