19 April 2023

Vicon Software License Allocation

How Should I Allocate my Vicon Software Licenses? Whether you’re an established research lab or…
13 April 2023

Markerless Data Processing in Nexus

Vicon has partnered with Theia Markerless to provide integrated, synchronised video and marker data collection.…
24 February 2023

What is Virtual Production? Part 3

Introduction Part 2 of this virtual production blog series studied the four main types of…
11 December 2022

What is Virtual Production? Part 2

Introduction Part 1 introduced the most well-known method of VP and how LED panels are…

Case Studies

Queensland Academy of Sport – athlete’s gait

Queensland Academy of Sport looking at a triple jumper athlete's gait.

ARCAA indoor flying laboratory

ARCAA | Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation track a drone in their indoor flying laboratory

Ford Visualisation Lab

Ford Visualisation Lab use Vicon to track hand held devices and a HMD for visualising vehicles in Virtual Reality.

Sega Studios Australia Olympics video game

Sega Studios Australia used Vicon cameras to capture a variety of sports on the Olympics video game.

Auckland University of Technology creates stunning facial animations.

Auckland University of Technology uses Vicon Cara system from Logemas to create stunnning facial animations for April 25 the feature film.