Measuring power with Lode

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Why does power matter?

There are a few different fields that use the term power. Physiology is often interested in metabolic power calculated from oxygen consumption. Biomechanics and engineering are often focused on mechanical power measured from motion capture and force instrumented devices. This article by Alex Hutchinson for example is a nice discussion about the rise of running “power” meters and why power in running and cycling are not exactly the same thing. Nonetheless, if you want to measure your patient or athlete’s energy use, a cycle ergometer can be a safe and accurate device to have in your arsenal. Lode ergometers differ from several brands in that they use an electro-magnetic braking system rather than friction or air. Each ergometer is dynamically calibrated so the ergometer can provide accurate power readings across a wide range of workloads.

How does Logemas fit in?

Logemas are now the Australian distributors for Lode ergometers, meaning we can assist with your sports, clinical, rehabilitation, and imaging projects where you need to use a treadmill, cycle or arm ergometer, or even MRI compatible ergometers. We also have the Lode calibrator Ultra, which can be used to control and re-calibrate Lode ergometers. If you purchased your ergometer several years ago, it may not be as accurate as when it left the factory. Frequent, high load protocols for example can affect the components of the ergometer over time and require adjustment to make sure you can achieve the same accuracy. The Lode calibrator is mounted next to the ergometer, and after running through a series of different load and cadence conditions, we can compare the reported and measured power outputs of the ergometer. If your ergometer reports different power outputs to what is expected, we can adjust the calibration to make the measurement accurate again.

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