Ergometers for Everyone

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Ergometers for Everyone



Logemas are now an AUS/NZ supplier for the Lode range of ergometers. Lode BV are world- renowned specialists in the complete spectrum of medical ergometry; supplying high- quality bicycle ergometers and treadmills, as well as recumbent, arm and supine ergometers and software. Logemas will focus on building sports and clinical applications

The Excalibur Sport with pedal force measurement is the perfect addition to your laboratory: offering electronic adjustment of geometry and within-cycle force measurements.

The Lode Katana offers smooth acceleration up to maximum speeds of 30 km/hr (optional 40km/hr). The treadmill uses the special Lode Slat Technology that allows for high speed and a natural walking and running experience that will put a spring in your step! Due to the unique bearing technology, it can also deliver high speeds at low noise levels and with low maintenance.

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