AMTI force platform installation

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What’s Chris up to?

AMTI install extraordinaire Chris was recently down at Victoria University to install a large force platform system in the biomechanics laboratory. This system featured an extensive rail system with both force-instrumented and dummy plates that also integrate with Vicon motion capture. With both AMTI force platforms, Vantage cameras and Nexus software, the laboratory is fully equipped for cutting edge sports performance analysis and research. Lucky for us, Chris managed to chronicle the installation process so you can see what goes into installing a complex force platform system and integrating it with motion capture technology. You can see the video (5 min) on our Youtube channel

AMTI force measurement systems

Many of our customers need to measure external forces by athletes, patients, or participants. There are a few reasons Logemas decided to work with AMTI:

  1. Accuracy. The Optima-HPS is the most accurate human performance measurement system available. With COP error typically less than 0.2mm across the entire surface, AMTI force platforms deliver outstanding force and moment measurement accuracy. The Optima platforms also have super low drift due to the strain gauge technology.
  2. Versatility. The modular rail system allows for a wide variety of configurations to suit your laboratory space: straight, alternating, L and T shapes, and reconfigurable rectangular pits for example are all possible. AMTI also have split-belt treadmill options for gait analysis and research.
  3. Compatibility. Many researchers and practitioners are looking for integrated systems: force and motion collected simultaneously in a cohesive system. AMTI force platforms integrate with Vicon Nexus software to allow for complex analysis methods that are only possible with synchronized data collection.

Read more about AMTI and Vicon systems on our website

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