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In Focus: Cometa EMG and Inertial Systems

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Manufacturer website:
Twitter: @CometaSystems ;
Devices: EMG variations, footswitches, IMUs

Feature Focus

  • Smallest dimensions for wireless sensors (<5 cm3, <7 grams)
  • Fixed delay 14 ms, no matter how many channels in use
  • Single receiver unit – Wave Plus – for all Cometa sensors, powered over USB
  • Option to include onboard storage for up to 8 hours record time
  • Option to add waterproofing allows data collection for water sports and activities
  • Comes with capture/analysis software (EMG and Motion Tools) or integrate fully into Vicon Nexus
  • Check out their webpage for more details on powerful and unique features of Cometa systems

Company Focus

Cometa Systems is a technology company based in Milan, Italy, renowned for their compact and high quality medical-grade products. Cometa’s main product line is electromyography (EMG) sensors, for measuring muscle activations, and they also have an inertial measurement unit (IMU).

Product Focus

- Mini Wave Black

Mini Wave Black / Mini Wave Infinity (onboard storage) / Mini Wave Waterproof (onboard storage + waterproofing)
The Mini Wave Black is the traditional-style EMG sensor, comprising a unit with two leads to attach to electrodes. The tiny unit contains some impressive tech though, sampling EMG data at 2000 Hz and transmitting wirelessly to the Wave Plus receiver box. It also houses a tri-axial accelerometer and storage for up to eight hours recording time (optional).


The Mini Wave Black can be further enhanced:

  • Mini Wave Infinity – adds onboard storage, allowing remote capture with up to eight hours recording time and removing the need for a capture PC (a handheld remote control handles start/stop record functions) or for the sensors to stay in range of any receiver.
  • Mini Wave Waterproof – adds onboard storage plus waterproof plastic wrap. Waterproof maintains the features of Infinity – PC-free capture via remote control, no restriction on participant movement range, and also allows water-based capture.

- PicoEMG

The PicoEMG units see the traditional leads disappear, replaced with two electrode clips directly on the base of the unit. This compact setup is perfect for pediatrics, or setups with limited space (e.g. if markers are also attached to the participant). PicoEMG boasts the same capabilities as the Mini Wave (although they cannot be waterproofed) and operate through the same Wave Plus receiver unit. This means that an EMG system can comprise a mix of Mini Wave and Pico sensors for the greatest flexibility. They also just look great!

- Wave Track (IMU)

The Wave Track IMU takes all the best features Cometa has developed for EMG and applied them to an IMU. Small, lightweight, able to be waterproofed and completely compatible with the same receiver. This means you can have a system comprising Mini Wave, Pico and Wave Tracks via a single Wave Plus receiver box and controlled in a single program, capturing EMG and IMU data simultaneously.

- EMG and Motion Tools (Software)

Each Cometa system comes with complimentary capture and processing software: EMG and Motion Tools. This simple yet powerful interface has a host of features:

  • Real time display of EMG and IMU data
  • Processing capabilities (including FFT, filtering, rectification, smoothing, cycle and freq. analysis)
  • Joint angle estimation and 3d body view (for Wave Track systems)
  • Export to C3d or ASCII file format
  • Capture synced reference video with a USB/webcam camera
  • Export and report of all analyses
  • Biofeedback functionality
  • Plugin compatibility

Final Notes

  • Here is a list of publications using Cometa technology
  • There is an SDK available (C#, MatLab, Python, C++, any language compatible with Dll library format)
  • There are dedicated footswitch accessories and channels to detect foot events for enhanced gait analysis
  • Fine wire adapters available, compatible with both Mini Wave and Pico sensors
  • We have a demo system in house and would be more than happy to show it off to you – whether in-person or remotely for now until we can get to you!

Contact us at if you have any queries!

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