In Focus XSENSOR Pressure Sensors


Manufacturer website: xsensor.com
Twitter: @XSENSOR
Facebook: XsensorTechnology

Brand Focus

  • Thin, flexible, and discreet. The capacitive sensor design provides accurate and repeatable data even after 100k cycles
  • Both wired and wireless data collection options for convenient laboratory and field testing options
  • XSENSOR’s Foot & Gait pro software provides a convenient toolkit for visualising and analysing your data for clients and other professionals

Product Focus
X4 Insole System

Dynamic pressure imaging insoles


  • Full-scale accuracy of ±5% means you can be confident in the data recorded across the whole sensor.
  • At only 1.8 ± 0.2 mm thickness the system is perfect for shoe research and field applications.
  • The sample rate of 150 Hz is suitable for most gait applications.
  • Flexible capacitive sensor technology provides a bend radius up to 180 degrees, making the system highly portable compared to resistive sensor designs.
  • Bluetooth connectivity and 8-hour battery life.

Product Focus
Runway Sensor


  • Capacitive pressure imaging makes the Runway sensor responsive but portable. The sensor can be rolled up for easy transport around the clinic, laboratory, or in a mobile healthcare service.
  • A thickness of only 1.5 mm makes it easy to capture natural gait movements because there isn’t a step up to the runway.
  • Sensing area of 243 cm x 51 cm to capture multiple foot contacts. No need to worry about participants adjusting their stride to contact a small target.

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