Lock Lab

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Vicon Locks make getting started with your Vicon system easier than ever. Simply connect your third-party devices directly into your Lock Lab or Lock Studio, connect to your PoE switch and start capturing. Lock Lab for analog devices. Lock Studio for timecode and HD/SDII.

Lock Lab is designed for gait, sports, biomechanics and engineering users, who make use of the analog interface to support appropriate devices.

Lock Studio has been specified with the entertainment community in mind and is packed with connectivity options including timecode and VESA sync. It also adds support for capturing SDI video.

Lock Lab Port Layout

1 – Analog inputs (8 x Omnimate Connectors, 64 channels)
2 – Link input/output
3 – POE
4 – Earthing (grounding) point
5 – VESA sync input
6 – Remote control input start and stop
7 – GPO sync outputs (x8)


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