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Tracker is a powerful object tracking software application providing unrivalled accuracy and low-latency data for 3D visualization applications and software for robotic control system development and monitoring. Tracker can handle hundreds of objects in real time up to speeds of 2,000 frames per second. The simple to learn and intuitive interface will have you tracking in no time.

Tracker is used for a diverse range of applications such as:

  • Imersive VR experience
  • Robot tracking and control
  • UAV tracking and flight control
  • Ingress/egress
  • Human factors engineering
  • Design method optimization
  • Virtual engineering
  • Previsualization

With flexible integration options it can be used for all of your tracking requirements. Tracker’s robust integration methods enable you to read data in UDP, TCP, and the VRPN Open Source protocol, Datastream SDK (C, DotNet, and more) and, even real time system modelling with Simulink.

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