Vicon Shogun

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Shogun is a step change in the world of motion capture. Never before has the motion capture process of calibration to animation between so easy and so fast.

Live subject calibration – only moments after suiting up an actor’s skeleton is calibrated and ready for capture

Full body mesh with video overlay – directly drive your final mesh in Shogun with video overlay of the actor

Camera monitoring and recovery – with intelligent feedback tools and monitoring hardware you can be sure the system is always running at peak performance. With camera recovery tools moving cameras around is quick and painless.

Unbreakable solving – Shōgun’s ability to deal with marker occlusions is unprecedented in the world of motion capture and reinforces your confidence in the most challenging shoots.

Real-time to disk – with Shogun’s unbreakable realtime solving being saved immediately to disk, data can be reviewed immediately and you can be sure it is exactly what was seen on set in previs. In most cases there won’t be any further processing and final skeletal data is ready immediately.

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