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Motion Capture PCs

Whether you are processing markerless data or rendering virtual environments, a run of the mill PC just isn’t going to cut it. The High-End PC will though. Top-line components including Threadripper CPUs and chunky NVIDIA GPUs give you enough power to tackle and challenge.

These workhorse machines are designed for heavy duty use, some example include: 

  • Handle eight simultaneous full-HD video feeds at 150 Hz (markerless data video recording)
  • Run gaming engines including Unreal Engine and Unity, with enough resources to also run the motion capture system and peripherals 
  • Handle large datasets and execute complex machine learning tasks 

A bit excessive for what you think you need? Perhaps the Standard Capture PC or the Data Processing Laptop are more to your liking. 

We have partnered with Aftershock to provide high quality, built-to-spec PCs for all levels of motion capture. From the humble processing PC to the workhorse Unreal renderer/markerless processor, Logemas and Aftershock have the right PC for your system.

Contact us at hello@logemas.com for more information

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