Capture PC Standard

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Motion Capture PCs

You need a reliable, no-frills PC that can run a motion capture system from dawn to dusk, day in, day out. This PC has enough oomph for the largest motion capture systems, without the excess needed to run those super-high-demanding tasks (see High End PC). Selected and assembled by the team at Aftershock, you know you have a quality-built machine with the best components available.

Need something for processing data only (not running the system), head on over to the Data Processing Laptop. Have something bigger in mind? Check out the High End PC.

We have partnered with Aftershock to provide high quality, built-to-spec PCs for all levels of motion capture. From the humble processing PC to the workhorse Unreal renderer/markerless processor, Logemas and Aftershock have the right PC for your system.

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