Vicon Nexus 2

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Vicon Nexus is your all-inclusive modeling and processing tool for movement analysis. Make your data count using the gold standard software for biomechanics research and analysis.

Monitor and visualise data in real time. Streamline your capture and processing with customisable views, workflows and pipelines. Reduce manual processing time with highly accurate autolabelling functions and intelligent gap filling pipelines.

Create custom templates for marker placement or modify an existing labelling template within Nexus to best suit your study or research needs.

Management and reporting of data is simple with inbuilt ProEclipse data management and Quick Reports for analysing large amounts of data..

Seamless video integration for up to four sychronized and calibrated HD Vue/Bonita/Basler Video Cameras for live video overlay and playback.

IMeasureU integrated.

Accepts digital signals for 3rd party devices through Vicon Digital Device Plug-ins written by our integration partners including AMTI and Myon. Further 3rd party device and signal integration possible through digital and analogue channels.

Native integration with MATLAB in Nexus 2. Build your MATLAB processing scripts and see your results immediately with the Nexus-MATLAB dynamic connection. Stream your data into Labview, C, dotNet or a host of other outputs using the Vicon DataStream SDK.

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