WavePlus Series


Released in 2012, as the natural evolution of the Wave technology. Wave Plus system includes a receiving unit with analog and digital output, and a charging station compatible with all our wireless sensors. Wave Plus introduced several improvements over the previous product, and added some new exclusive features:
  1. Impedance check control for pre-acquisition quality monitoring
  2. Improved wireless transmission (up to 300% improvement)
  3. Flexibility to use more than EMG sensors (including general analog sensors, IMUs, FSW)
  4. Analog output with 66 connections and 14 ms fixed delay
For the development of Wave Plus we used the experience gained both producing and servicing all the Zerowire units sold worldwide. It comes with all the improvements needed for an up-​to-​date wireless EMG system. The most important exclusive features are the following:
  1. Up to 32 channels simultaneously
  2. Simultaneous output of all data both via USB and analog interface
  3. Impedance check function on each electrode to assess if the level is low enough to get high quality data
  4. Sensor batteries inductively recharged
  5. Inter-​probes latency <5 usec (less than 5 microseconds)
  6. CE 93/42 class I certification and production under ISO:13485 standards
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