Optima Signal Conditioner

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The Optima Signal Conditioner is an essential component of the Optima Human Performance System, a revolutionary force measurement system that offers a 10-fold improvement in accuracy over any force platform system on the market.

This signal conditioner works exclusively with Optima Force Plates and Optima Precision Calibration files to provide levels of accuracy never before seen in force platform systems:

  • Average COP accuracy of just a fraction of a millimeter (typically less than 0.2)
  • Crosstalk values typically ±0.05% of applied load
  • Measurement accuracy typically ±0.1% of applied load


  • 1 kHz anti-aliasing filters, oversampling, and digital signal processing
  • Fully calibrated and NIST-traceable
  • Tested to medical-grade standards for safety, essential performance, and electro-magnetic compatibility


  • Fully software configurable
  • Automatic balancing of strain gauge bridges initiated by front-panel button or by software
  • Multiple Optima Signal Conditioners automatically synchronize data sampling

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