Vicon Vero v2.2 Camera

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With the best resolution/speed/price offering on the market, Vicon Vero is the latest optical camera from Vicon. Building on the success of Vantage, Vero combines market-leading resolution and speed at an unrivaled price point. Like its bigger brother, Vantage, Vero has on-board sensors that monitor camera position and temperature.

Vero is suitable for a wide range of applications in small to medium sized volumes.

Resolution: 2.2 (2048 x 1088) MP
Frame Rate: 330 @ 2.2MP up to 330FPS
Lens: 6.5-15.5 mm Varifocal
Effective FOV (H x V): 44.1 x 23.6 (tele); 98.1 x 50.1 (wide)
Camera Latency: 3.6 ms
Power: PoE
Max Power Consumption: 12 W
Connectivity: Single RJ45 connection for Cat5e cabling carrying power and data
Weight: 570g
Camera external dimensions: H x W x D: 83 x 80 x 135 mm