6.4 mm Pearl Flexible Base Markers (10 pack)

$260.00 (inc GST $286.00)


These highest quality pearl motion capture markers provide sub-millimetre accuracy for high resolution optical motion capture camera systems. More pixels appear at greater distances and at lower threshold settings enabling accurate identification of the centroid. Markers are available in sizes 6.4mm, 7.9mm, 9.5mm, 14.0mm and 19.0mm .

6.4mm come on a 12.7mm flexible base.  7.9mm markers come on a 17mm flexible base.

9.5mm, 14.00mm and 19.0mm markers come on a 17mm hard base. Flexible bases can be purchased separately.

Size – 6.4 mm pearl

Quantity – 10 markers per pack

Base -12 mm flexible base

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