Solutions for plantar pressure measurement and analysis.

RSscan footscan software

RSscan provides professional yet affordable solutions for accurate dynamic pressure measurements for biomechanical research labs, clinics, sports and leisure footwear shops and many more applications.



State-of-the-art 3D scans

RSscan solutions range from an affordable plug and play to full option high speed footscan® systems. You can combine footscan® scanning power with the integration of third-party products such as force plates, EMG systems, motion capture and much more.


RSscan at a glance

Entry Level

Plug and play footscan® systems, affordable solutions without sacrificing performance.


High speed footscan® systems, more scanning power and a selection of footscan® plate sizes.

High End

Full option high speed footscan® systems, combine scanning power with the integration of third party products such as force plates, EMG systems, motion capture and much more.

RS Software

RSscan - capture every detail

RSscan's latest software means high-speed scanning, efficient dynamic analysis and optimal data controlling with an easy reporting output.

  • 3D analysis

  • 2D analysis

  • Reporting

  • Measurements Comparison

  • Client Database


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