Help my Vicon system won’t connect!

In this article you will find our basic “sanity checklist”, things you can check when your system won’t seem to connect. These are some simple first point of call things to check.

Sanity Checklist for connecting to Vicon:

  1. Check you haven’t already launched Shogun/Nexus/Tracker and are trying to connect with another instance of the program
  2. Check that the Ethernet cable is plugged.
  3. Check if the device is shown as connected in the network adaptor settings. (Control panel>Network and Internet>Network Connections)
  4. Check that the Firewall is letting Nexus through. This can be done by temporarily turning off the firewall to see if the connection is now working.
  5. Disable any anti virus software.
  6. Try turning the computer and hardware off and on again.

Having difficulty with cameras not being recognised but the rest of your system is working? Follow our trouble shooting guide here.

If you are still having issues connecting please let us know and we will work with you to solve the issue!

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