We recently launched a support portal here at Logemas (or, as Max has taken to calling it a “Supportal”). We have been busily adding content covering everything from troubleshooting, adding hardware to the system, right through to some handy tips and tricks.

Our most popular articles by far are those related to licensing. Licensing is something that usually comes up once per year or less for most of our users, so we understand you might want a quick refresher when it comes to requesting and installing licenses.

Here are our key articles licensing Nexus products:
Do you need to request a license?
Do you need to install a license? 

Make sure to have a snoop around while you’re at the support portal! Who knows, you might find some answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

We are constantly expanding our knowledge base and will be bringing some more advanced articles in the future. Is there something you think we should cover? Maybe you would like to contribute a guest article? Let us know at support@logemas.com!

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